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Thursday, March 15, 2007

CBS coverage of NCAA basketball tournament pathetic

CBS has completely blown it in terms of NCAA basketball prime time coverage on the first day of the tournament. Why, I ask, would they attempt to show four games simultaneously? I was hoping to watch the Duke/VCU game, as advertised in my market. Well thanks to CBS' decision to capture as many advertising dollars as possible, I got to watch bits and pieces of three other games I could care less about.

And to just add insult to injury, consider its brilliant decision late in the first half. VCU had just made an incredible six point run to tie Duke with 24 seconds remaining in the half. Duke brings the ball down court and is fouled while shooting a 3-pointer with 1.2 seconds on the clock. As the player was going to the line, CBS cuts away to the Sports Desk to talk about the Ohio St. / Central Conn. game.... STILL ON HALFTIME. No cut-away to another game in progress. Just cut-away from the most exciting part of the game. Absolutely brilliant.

So why does this belong on this blog? Instead of really caring about the viewer and what the viewer wants to see, CBS went for the profit. They could have shown these other three games on ESPN or FSN, for some ad-dollar sharing and a kickback. Instead, they want all the money and decide to run four games on one channel. Customer service at its most stupid.


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