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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Using the tools at hand

Guest post by Stephanie Flynn, director at Cushman/Amberg

How do you reach an audience today? Is it through YouTube? Facebook? MySpace? Or simply your website?

With the continued public interest in YouTube and online mediums (ex: the CNN YouTube debates), I am curious…How do you reach an audience?

From a playground manufacturer and a nozzle distributor, to a cooking school and a ritzy hotel, our company has not only utilized blogging, MySpace, and Facebook, but we have also worked in YouTube, putting the site to work, and our clients are having a blast with it!

Yesterday, we had a “new media” opportunity with a local television station, KSDK-TV (NBC 5). They arranged a live-chat session online with local financial experts to discuss the threat of a recession and what that means locally. One of our clients, a bank, was able to be a part of this chat, additionally conducting a taped interview of which the video clips were posted on the website and used on the 10 p.m. news. Talk about great cross promotion!

As our industry moves forward online, we as public relations consultants have a duty to learn how to use these tools and implement them strategically in our communications planning. Not only do we have a duty, we have an opportunity to formulate various ways to use tools in the industry for future PR consultants.

As an agency, we have been utilizing these tools when it makes the most sense, and see the future only getting more 'online happy.'

Will you use the online world for your practice?


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