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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The electric slide

The one factor facing most companies as both the greatest opportunity and greatest threat is the online world. I speak with so many companies that don't truly understand both sides of this equation but believe they are doing 'enough.' Those that don't feel they are doing enough either don't have a sense of urgency to capitalize on opportunities or don't see the threats as real.

Mostly, I think companies fail to see what can be done. The opportunities to reach very specific groups of people are so abundant that it seems silly not to embrace it. Simultaneously, erroneous material or speculation can spread like wildfire. But here's the catch that most companies don't realize. Not being engaged or involved actively does not mean it won't bite you in the ass. You just won't realize it until it's too late, and then you're farther behind the 8-ball.

I've seen company after company stick their head in the sand and try to 'wait it out' or ignore problems that spread online. This is just disaster. I equate it to them being the last kid to break down and buy a DVD player because they thought VHS would survive and DVD was a fringe market. Well the online world is today's DVD player. Don't get stuck with VHS.


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