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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So much is wrong with this...

Why stop at one branding message when you can have two? That seems to be the thought process behind the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission when they unveiled the new slogan for the city - "St. Louis. All Within Reach." By itself, it isn't all bad. But when you consider that just last year the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association (RCGA) unveiled its new slogan for the area - "St. Louis. Perfectly Centered, Remarkably Connected," it seems a bit confusing. Are we nearby or are we connected to something?

Even more confusing is the CVC's reasoning for the slogan. It wants to send out a 'unified message.' If that was really the case, why not stick with the existing slogan by the RCGA. We all know it's costing enough in marketing dollars to promote the Perfectly Centered slogan. Why not expand on that if we're trying to be unified. Call me crazy, but different doesn't equal unified. In addition, "All Within Reach" doesn't exactly state the truth for those of us living in the city. The highway 40 construction certainly doesn't make downtown within reach of much. Throw in the not-so-terrific-or-timely-or-reliable public transportation and the slogan should have been, "St. Louis - Check Back in 10 Years."

The only thing going for this new slogan is the logo. It kicks ass.


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