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Friday, September 22, 2006

Keep the attitude front and center

People ask me all the time what I look for when I hire new communications consultants into our firm. The first answer is always "intellectual curiosity." If I can't see that you have a thirst for learning and interest in stretching your mind then you won't make it here. Our work demands it.

The other big trait I look for is attitude. Do I mean a positive attitude? Of course. But I also look for someone who has a bit of an edge. I want people who are capable of being passionate about their work and that usually comes out in attitude.

I haven't met a client yet that wants us to be Yes Men or Yes Women. If you don't have a bit of an edge you might just nod your head and do whatever the client wants. Our clients pay us to be their counsel. That means telling it like it is and offering our professional perspective. Sometimes that is in direct opposition to their original thinking. But that's what we're here for.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Katie Couric goes live... and asks for help

I think it's safe to say that Katie Couric did a good job in her first telecast as anchor of the CBS Evening News tonight. In fact, I thought she did a great job ... until she got to the end.

She acknowledged that many 'fans' have asked her how she planned to sign off. Instead of having something planned, she decided to start a contest. She's asking for viewers to write in and recommend a sign off. If I could equate it to baseball for a moment, that's like Albert Pujols asking for fans to give him tips on his swing.

I can't judge her based on one aspect of the telecast, and certainly time will tell how she does, but I'm just glad the media circus is over.