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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't pull the plug on traditional media just yet

With so much buzz lately about blogs, podcasts, RSS and the like, it's amazing that there are people in this world who still read a newspaper, watch the evening news, and listen to the radio. Aren't these dying mediums, replaced by the wishes of iPod-wielding, tech-savvy sophisticates?

Actually, no. Not yet.

A number of studies have recently shown that 88% of the at-work audience have no clue what RSS is. I guess even Really Simple isn't simple enough. Just 22% of adults read blogs and 9% listen to podcasts. And yet the volume of attention given to these new tools is extraordinary.

Companies are falling over themselves to be the first in their industry with a blog or podcast. They want to make sure they are reaching the 12% of people who might be interested in subscribing to the company Kool-Aid. Of course, I'm exaggerating... a little. It is smart for companies to fully understand the best ways to reach their audiences. They just need to make sure the choices are based on expected results, not the communications flavor of the month.

Do I think blogs, podcasts and the rest of the 'new media' will increase in popularity and use? Of course. Are we there yet? Clearly we are not.


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