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Monday, April 17, 2006

Should your company be headquartered online?

Clients often ask me if they should have a greater Web presence. The answer is simple: YES! Regardless of your business, regardless of your customers, the world is turning to the Internet for news and information. Look at what is happening to libraries. Do people roam the aisles to perform their research? No. They go online. Where do investors go for information? The Internet.


If information is power, then information delivered faster and smarter must be unlimited power. We live in a transparent world with unlimited access and an unquenchable thirst for information. We have iPods, DVR and RSS feeds all so we can have all the information we want exactly when we want it. You didn't hear about Katie Couric and her new blog? It posted 12 minutes ago. Haven't you been paying attention?

Here's the catch. As more and more companies go online in the fight for customers, investors and partners, one constant remains the same. If you are delivering a message that is received in a way unlike that which you sent, you have wasted your time and potentially made things worse. Being online is just the beginning. Communicating something meaningful that inspires your audience to act is the real measuring stick. Did you move the needle or did you just go through the motions?


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